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How does the process work to get my VA loan approved?

In most cases, you need to follow these steps to get a VA home loan.

First you’ll be assigned a local full-time gay/gay friendly professional realtor to work with.

Next your realtor will set a phone or in person appointment for you with a local gay/gay friendly VA lender. You’ll want to immediately get “pre-qualified” at this point – that is, find out how big a loan you can afford. You’ll provide the lender with a copy of your DD-214 and the lender will obtain your “Certificate of Eligibility” (COE) which verifies to the lender that you meet the eligibility requirements for a VA loan.

Next, working with your realtor you’ll explore neighborhoods and housing options (condo, single family, loft or duplex, etc.) find the perfect home, and sign a purchase agreement.

Immediately afterwards, you’ll complete the formal application for your VA Loan, working with the lender to gather the needed documents such as pay stubs and bank statements.

The lender will order a VA appraisal and begin to “process” all the credit and income information.

The lending institution will review the appraisal and all the documentation of credit, income, and assets you’ve provided to the lender to determine final loan approval.

Finally, Closing!

The listing Realtor chooses a title company, an attorney, or one of their own representatives to conduct the closing. This person will coordinate with you and the seller the date/time of closing and property transfer.

Are there any fees associated with your service?

No. There are absolutely no fees or costs to use our services. The Realtor fees will be paid by the home seller when you purchase your home, and the lenders fee is paid via the new VA loan you will obtain on your home purchase. (the lender will cover all of your loan/closing costs in detail, but rest assured, your VA loan is a $0 down loan!)

What if I’ve already found the home I’d like to buy?

That’s no problem. Many times home buyers have been looking around internet, attended some open houses and even viewed a few homes with another Realtor. If you’ve found the home you like, our preferred LGBT Realtor will be happy to review the property and neighborhood statistics with you, represent your best interests as a “buyers broker” and write the contract today, as long as you have not signed a “Buyer Broker” agreement with another realtor.

How quickly can my VA loan be approved?

The VA Home Loan process does not take any longer than any other type of loan that is available on the market today. On average, it is taking about 30-45 days to close a VA loan.

Am I under any obligation to work with your team if I ask for a free quote?

No, of course not – there is no cost or obligation to use our services. You’ll be contacted immediately be a Gay/Gay Friendly Realtor and VA Lender team, whether you choose to use them or not will be completely your decision.

What if I have a bankruptcy or foreclosure?

There is a minimum wait of two years after your previous home is foreclosed, or after declaring bankruptcy, to purchase a new home. This will give your credit time to recover. During that time, pay your bills on time and work on reducing debts that weren’t eliminated through bankruptcy.

Be prepared to explain why your financial difficulties occurred, as well as what you have done and plan to do, to avoid it happening again.

Why choose Gay Veterans Real Estate vs. another company?

Gay Veterans Real Estate is the only company in the Nation representing Gay/LGBT home buyers and sellers, and we have been for over 20 years. We’ll assign you a full-time professional gay/gay friendly realtor that specializes in buying and selling homes in the neighborhood of your choice, and has a relationship with a reputable, professional, gay/gay friendly LOCAL VA lender that you will meet and or speak with immediately.

No 800#’s, no working with a faceless company out of Texas, California or Florida to get your VA loan. You’ll be working with a LOCAL VA lender that you’ll have instant access to, on the phone or in person, anytime.

This ensures a smooth seamless transition from start to finish in your home buying process.

And of course our services are FREE, and 100% Confidential! Be Represented!

What if I still have questions?

Once you’ve submitted your information via the quick two-step form on our main page, we’ll be in contact and explain the process throughly, and answer any of your additional questions.

Additionally, you may fill out the “contact us” form, or call us at the number listed below, and we’ll reply to your questions as quickly as possible.

100% Confidential ~ No Obligation.